Most DRIP dams are either for irrigation or for hydro-power but a few of them serve both purposes. In all, a total of 223 dams in the participating states have been identified for Rehabilitation and Improvement under DRIP.

Tamil Nadu Water Resources Department has total of 59 dams under DRIP.

About 58% of these are in the age range of 25-50 years and 15% are in the age range of 51-75 years. While 22% dams are less than 25 years old, 2% are more than 100 years in age. Remaining 3% dams are 76-100 years in age.

About 37% dams are in the height range of 30-100m and 54%
dams fall in a heigh
t range 15-30m. While 7% dams are less than 15m height, 2% more than 100m in height.

Earthen dams constitute 64% of DRIP dams. 24% of DRIP dams are composite in nature and 12% of gravity type.



Component wise distribution of cost

S. No. Component Description ₹ (In Crore)
a Rehabilitation & Improvement to Dams 429.00
b Institutional Strengthening 18.05
c Project Management 25.44
d Contingencies 0.00
Total Project Cost 472.49





Tamil Nadu is one of the States in India having significant number of dams and there is a constant need to strengthen and maintain the dams important to ensure that Dam structures and systems
are properly maintained by regular monitoring and rehabilitation.


Four states namely, Kerala, Madya Pradesh, Orissa and Tamil Nadu have been selected for the  DRIP.In Tamil Nadu 66 WRD (Water Resources Department) dams and 38 TNEB (Tamil Nadu Electricity Board) dams were selected for DRIP with a preliminary project proposal of Rs.745.49  Crores. The duration of the project is 6 years and the project is likely to commence after signing of agreement.

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