Varahanadhi Basin

Varahanadhi Basin is having only one reservoir to the capacity of 605 Mcft and it ishighly dependent on non -system rainfed and chain of tanks. The irrigation tanks of this basinhave served excellently for the past century. The efficacy of the tank irrigation is det eriorating day by day due to the sedimentation, lack of maintenance of the tank. The Water Resources Organisation will modernise the irrigation facility and expected to harness the fullest benefit from the available water potential
In this project, the irrigation facilities like System tanks, Non -system tanks and Anicuts of the basin under the control of Water Resources Organisation P.W.D., are proposed to be modernised. The registered ayacut under WRO is 22215 Ha. The Water Resources Organisation wit h the integration of the following Line  departments is proposes to take up the Irrigated Agricultural Modernisation and Water Resources Management Project (IAMWARM) for Varahanadhi Basin,
1. Agriculture Department
2. Agricultural Engineering Department

3. Tamil Nadu Agricultural University
4. Horticulture Department
5. Agricultural Marketing and Agribusiness Department
6. Animal Husbandry Department
7. Fisheries Department
8. Ground Water
9. Forest Department
10. Environmental Department

The entire project is formulated with the multi- disciplinary approach and meant to develop the basin command area in complete sense. The overall efficiency of the system and the socio-economic status of the people is expected to increase on implementation of the  project.

The Varahanadhi basin is one of the major river basins and is located in Villupuram,Thiruvannamalai, Kancheepuram and Cuddalore districts of Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry.Varahanadhi Basin consists of Varahanadhi , Ongur and Nallavur Sub Basins.Varahanadhi Sub Basin is the largest sub basin among the above three sub basins which is now taken up for the modernization and rehabilitation under IAMWARM project. The total geographical area of the basin is 2250.00 The Varahanadhi sub
basin is surrounded by Bay of Bengal in the east, Palar basin and Nallavur sub basin in the  north and Ponnaiyar basin in the south and west. The basin is situated between north  latitude 11° 55' 00" to 12° 33' 00" and east longitude 79° 18' 00" to 79° 52' 00" . There are 18 blocks in this sub basin of which 4 blocks are covered in full and the remaining blocks are partly covered.

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