The broader objective of the Project is to achieve sustainable economic growth as well as poverty alleviation through maximizing productivity of water. 
The IAMWARM project will support the investment in (1)Improving irrigation service delivery including adoption of modern water-saving irrigation technologies and agricultural practices (2) Agricultural intensification and diversification (3) Enhancing market access and agri-business opportunities, and (4) Strengthening institutions dealing with water resources management.

  • Working towards large scale adoption of specific technologies such as SRI in paddy and improved production technologies in oilseeds, pulses and cotton.
  • Large scale adoption of Drip fertigation / Precision farming and Sprinkler irrigation technologies in field crops, commercial crops and horticultural crops
  • Popularization of crop diversification options in the crops like maize, fruits and vegetables in the sub basin commands.
  • Popularization of labor saving implements in rice, groundnut, cotton and maize to reduce cost of production
  • Testing and large scale adoption of technologies developed on-station to farm conditions
  • Promotion of Seed Village Concept (SVC) to produce and supply quality seed and seedlings for diversified agricultural practices.
  • Seed Village Concept will be supported to produce and supply quality seed and seedlings for diversified agricultural practices.
  • Provide information on Price Forecasting and Market Intelligence to Water Users Association to develop more market access.
  • Provide necessary trainings through various centres / research stations of Tamil Nadu Agricultural University to the farmers and other stakeholders for capacity building.

​      TN-IAMWARM Project-II

      TN Irrigated Agricultural Modernisation Project TN IAMP  (TN IAMWARM – II)

        As the follow on project for the successfully completed IAMWARM Project, the Hon'ble Chief Minister had ordered to take up the IAMWARM Project II in the remaining 66 sub basins of the State covering 29 districts covering an extent of 5.43 lakh hectare over a period of 7 years starting from 2017 with an outlay of Rs.3042 Crore. The Project will be implemented by Water Resources Department and 7 line departments under the coordination of Water Resources Department.

       In this Project, it is proposed to take up rehabilitation of 4778 Tanks, 477 Anicuts, construction of check dams, artificial recharge wells in water spread area of tanks and improving drainage cum irrigation channels in Cauvery Delta and other sub-basins at an outlay of Rs.2195 crore, by the Water Resources Department.

      Initially, 18 sub basins have been selected for rehabilitation, under Phase - I.