Under minor irrigation schemes externally aided projects and other State Plan Schemes in respect of Surface Water Tanks and Ground water are taken up. The details of such schemes are explained below at appropriate places. It is proposed to take  up 8 new schemes (part II schemes) during 1998-99.


This scheme contemplates formation of new tanks, construction of anicuts, excavation of link channels, restoration of abandoned tanks, formation of ponds etc, leading to assured irrigation and creating additional irrigation potential, distilling cum reclamation schemes, desalting of tanks to restore the lost capacity due to silation with reclamation of foreshore lands. It is proposed to take up 19 new schemes (part II schemes) during 1988-99.


The W.R.C.P. provides for rehabilitation and modernization of all irrigation systems in Tamilnadu (expect Cauvery Delta System) and for completion of the nine ongoing minor irrigation projects, viz.
1. Poigaiyar reservoir (Kanyakumari district)
2. Nambiyar Reservoir (Tirunelveli District)
3. Southparai Reservoir (Theni District)
4. Kodumudiyar Reservoir (Tirunelveli District)
5. Vadakkupachayar Reservoir (Tirunelveli District)
6. Adavinainarkoil Reservoir (Tirunelveli District)
7. Gridhamal anicut ( Virudhunagar District)
8. Rajathopekanar Reservoir (Vellore District) schemes.
The project is implemented as a sector investment loan, financing an agreed statewide Programme to improve the productivity and sustainability of Tamilnadu's irrigation sector, to introduce multi- sect oral water planning, to integrate farmers in irrigation management and to strengthen the State's institutional and technical capability in water development, management and planning.