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Objectives of Water Resources Department :

Objectives of this Department are formulation and implemention of the major, medium and minor irrigation schemes, operation and maintenance of irrigation systems and ensuring effective management and distribution of surface and groundwater to achieve optimum utilisation in a rational and scientific way for maximising the production and productivity of all the sectors requiring water.

Status of Irrigation

Tamil Nadu with a geographical area of 130 lakh hectares is ranked eleventh in size among the Indian States .The net area sown in Tamil Nadu is about 51.26 lakh hectares of which about 28.88 lakh hectares or 56% of area get irrigation facilities from sources as given below :

1. Government canals : 7.82 Lakh hectares
2. Tanks : 5.31 Lakh hectares
3. Wells, Tube-wells etc., : 15.66 Lakh hectares
4. Other sources
: - NA -


Under the Water Resources Department, the water management in the State has been decentralised along basin lines and for effective control, the entire State has been divided into the following four regions viz., Chennai, Trichy, Pollachi and Madurai. Each Region is headed by the Chief Engineer with head quarters in Chennai,Trichy, Coimbatore and Madurai. The Engineer-in-Chief, Water Resources Department assists the Government as the technical and administrative head of the department, monitors and co-ordinates the functions of all the four Regional Chief Engineers and five functional Chief Engineers who are specialized in overall planning and execution of irrigation projects respectively.