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This Department was intended primarily for the following purposes:

  • To maintain and upkeep of structural and non-structural components of irrigation facilities;

  • To develop new additional projects, structures, etc., to augment potential sources for irrigation;

  • To maintain, upkeep and develop buildings for the State;

  • To maintain and upkeep of navigation and drainage facilities;

  • To maintain and upkeep and to build conveyance facilities by way of roads for the agricultural produce to be moved to the interior, rail heads, ports, etc.;

  • To identify, investigate, formulate and estimate feasible and viable irrigation projects so that there is always a shelf of projects to implement the policy, promises and the programmes of the Government;

  • To conduct tests and research activities in construction materials and hydraulics and hydrology;

  • To conduct tests and studies on the potentials and properties of ground water.

Here it is not out of place to mention that successive Governments were rightly keen in creating water resources assets in furtherance of irrigation and agriculture by way of building dams, reservoirs, canals and numerous cross masonry structures like barrages, weirs, regulators, dykes, outlets, etc.

Further, more objectives were added in the recent past. Having harnessed the surface irrigation potential to 95% (12387 M cum), the Department's main function has turned to be that efficient management, utilization and distribution of scarce water resources.

To work towards achieving equitable distribution of water resources for irrigation with respect to spatial and temporal distribution of the available quantum;

To instill participatory Irrigation Management (PIM) by creation of Farmers Association and supporting system through NGOs.