Hydraulics and Hydrology Division,Poondi.

Functions :

  • Physical Model Studies
  • Energy Dissipation Arrangements
  • Unconventional Weir Calibration
  • Mobile Bed Mechanics Models
  • Coastal Models
  • Coastal Line Behaviour
  • Mathematical Simulation studies
  • Conducting Post Performance studies for Coastal Protection Structures
  • IAMWARM Project—IRF


Hydraulics Division –

On-going studies

  • Model studies of Energy Dissipation – Ulakkaiaruviyaru Project in Kanyakumari District.
  • Model studies for Formation of reservoir across – Elumichaiyar in Tirunelveli District.
  • Model studies for Formation of reservoir across – Siddamalli reservoir in      Ariyalur  District.


Hydraulics Division –

 Works to be taken up

  • Model studies to control the meandering of Vellar River near Killai in Cuddalore district.
  • Dam break analysis of Gomuki and vidur.
  • Model studies – silt trap – check dam – Vaigai river near Ammachipuram in Theni district.
  • Model studies silt trap – chaikklipuram and nallidaicheri tank supply channel in Theni district.


  • Conducting model studies for E.D. arrangements for formation of reservoir across Ulakkaaruviar reservoir in Azhagiyapandiapuram village, Thovalai taluk of Kanniyakumari district
  • Tidal model study of Cooum estuary
  • Conducting model study of adyar river course
  • Conducting model studies for E.D.arrangements for formation Reservoir across Mambazhathuraiyar in Villukkuri Village, Kalkulam Tk of Kanyakumari Dist
  • Study on Cooum Estuary
  • Tidal model study of Cooum Estuary under IAMWARM Project
  • Conducting model study for Digha Beach using MIKE21 and Shallow water basin for I.I.T.-Madras
  • Studies to analyse wave conditions at Enayamputhanthurai village in Kanyakumari Dist and working out remedies
  • The wave flume studies conducted for the proposed breakwaters of Colachel Fishing Harbour


  • Shoreline changes along the Coast of Chennai due to construction of Groynes
  • Morphological changes along the Coast of Poompuhar
  • Effect of groyne along the Coast of Kovalam in Kanyakumari Dist
  • Comparison of efficiency of wedge shaped Friction blocks for Energy Dissipation arrangements
  • Flow meter - Discharge meter
  • Beach protection using small stones covered by nets
  • Coastal process measurements from Nagapattinam to Chennai
  • Linking of Rivers - Entire Tamilnadu running model
  • Cauvery Model
  • Bhavani kattalai Barrage 1 & 3 small Hydroelectric Project (2 X 5 MW each) - Consultancy work - Conducting the model studies for the Head Race and Tail Race channel

Coastal Process Sub division, Chennai.

There are four coastal processes sections functioning under this sub division.

  1. Coastal Process section @ Chennai
  2. Coastal Process section @ Chidambaram
  3. Coastal Process section @ Ramnad
  4. Coastal Process section @ Kanyakumari

There are 37 observation sites under coastal observation from Chennai to Kanyakumari. There are 312 observation reference points located in 37 observation sites covering a distance of 89 km along the coast.

Observation of the long term shoreline changes in the coastal areas from Chennai to Kanyakumari for the total coastal length of 906 km have been done.

The data collected are also analysed and the annual reports of coastal studies are also prepared and kept in Institute of Hydraulics & Hydrology library for reference and future use.

The collected data from the above observation will be utilised for the model studies like erosion problems, fishing harbour problems, protection of monuments, etc.

The Government of India is insisting through Coastal Erosion Directorate to prepare a National Coastal Protection Project (NCPP) report based on the request from CED, the project proposal was prepared for the cost of Rs. 169.00 crores and sent to Central Water Commission, Government of India.