The Institute for water studies has grouped the 34 rivers in Tamil Nadu into 17 major river basins. So far, Micro level studies have been completed for 16 river basins except Cauvery river basin. These Micro level study reports have been sent to all Regional Chief Engineers of Water Resources Department and other line departments. To update the above reports with present data, Reappraisal studies were initiated. Accordingly, Reappraisal studies for Kodaiyar River Basin and Vaippar River Basin have been taken up and completed and published in the presence of Principal Secretary to Government on 20.4.2010 and 29.11.2010 respectively. Now, Reappraisal  study report for Vaigai basin (Micro level) is in progress.


The revised draft of Tamil Nadu State Water Policy 2007 has been prepared in line with the National Water Policy 2002. The Government, after consideration circulated the draft Water Policy to all the departments in the Secretariat. Subsequently, the Government sent the draft policy along with the opinions of the various departments to the Chairman, Cauvery Technical Cell, for offering his views. Accordingly, the Chairman, Cauvery Technical Cell has offered his views and sent the finalised draft Tamil Nadu State Water Policy to the Government vide his letter dated 12.06.2009. Subsequently, the government has returned the draft State Water Policy with remarks.

The remarks were attended in consultation with the Chairman CTC. After carrying out the    remarks, the draft State Water Policy has been sent to the government, for approval on  04.01.2011 and reminded subsequently. The last reminder was sent to the Government on  06.5.2011. Approval of the Government is awaited.


In the G.O (Ms). No. 58 PW (WR1) Department dated 13.04.2009, the Government sanctioned the  establishment of State Water Resources Management Agency (SWaRMA), as a state-wide focal  agency for environmentally and socially sustainable inter-sectoral water management.

1. To improve the institutional arrangements and capacity for Sustainable Water Resources  Management in the State

2. To develop and manage the water resources of the State in a
holistic way in a river basin framework.

The Government have accorded Administrative Sanction vide G.O. (Ms). No. 307 Public Works  (WR1) Department, dated 20.10.2010 for a sum of Rs.271 Lakhs towards the establishment of  office and to provide amenities and incremental operating cost of SWaRMA for a period of 3 years (from April 2010 to March 2013) under TN IAMWARM Project. The Government has accorded  administrative sanction for the formation of the Executive wing of SWaRMA headed by a Director  with seven consultants, fourteen posts by redeployment and five posts on contract basisvide  G.O.No.34 PW(F1) dept. dated 2-2-2011 and the Office of SWaRMA is functioning from June 2011 in  the campus of Institute for Water Studies, Tharamani, Chennai.


Remote Sensing Unit was established during phase I of U.N.D.P. Groundwater project in 1968       under Chief Engineer (Ground Water) of P.W.D. and the same has been attached to IWS in   27-02-1997. The Remote Sensing Unit was declared by Government of Tamil Nadu as Tamil Nadu  State Centre for Remote Sensing Application (vide G.O.Ms.No.117 PW(R2) Dept. dated 18-03-2002 and G.O.Ms.No.8 PW(R2) Dated 6.1.2003) Presently this Centre is equipped with sophisticated  remote sensing and GIS software, hardware and peripherals like

1.Erdas Imagine Digital Image Processing software and hardware
2.Image analysist and MGE GIS software and hardware
3.Geomedia Professional system
4.Arc GIS system
5.Arc View software
6.Map-info and Vertical Mapper software
7.Digital Photogrammetry system
8.A0 size Scanner
9.A0 size Plotter
10.A3 size colour laser printer
This Centre has volumeness Remote Sensing data like aerial photographs on different  scales(1:50000, 1:25000, 1:2000 & 1:10000), latest Indian Remote Sensing Satellite data for  different periods for entire Tamil Nadu in digital and hard copy and other thematic maps.

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