Dam Rehabilitation and Improvement Project  (DRIP)


All dams were constructed progressively during the past 120 years in order to increase the irrigated area and to fulfill the water and electricity requirements.  There is a constant need to strengthen, safeguard and maintain the health status of dams due to certain general factors like ageing and possible low compliance with Dam safety standards and practices etc. by carrying out essential maintenance works.

            Keeping in view of this, Dam Rehabilitation and Improvement Project with World Bank assistance through Central water commission is proposed to be taken up over a period of six years for 66 WRD dams and 38 TNEB dams for a cost of Rs.745.49 crores.  Tamil Nadu is one among the four States selected by the World Bank for participation in this project.

The three main components of the Project are:

     (a) Rehabilitation and Improvement of Dams and associated appurtenances.

  1. Strengthening of dam structure
  2. Treatment of leakage and seepage, improving ability to withstand high floods.
  3. Improvement to spillways, Regulators, Stilling Basins, approach road etc.
  4. Hydrological assessment, Emergency action plan, Public awareness campaign, Emergency warning system, flood plain marking etc.

(b) Dam Safety Institutional Strengthening.

  1. Targeted training nationally & Internationally.
  2. Attendance at dam safety courses & study tours.
  3. Operation of independent dam safety review panels comprising experts
  4. Reservoirs sedimentation studies.
  5. Development of Management Information System.
  6. Office support such as construction of office building for State Project Management Unit, purchase of vehicles, office furniture equipment etc.

Project Management

  1. Establishment of SPMU.
  • Government had accorded orders for the establishment of SPMU with 50 nos of staff vide G.O.Ms.No.211, PW(F1) Dept., dt.22.8.2012 in which 29 posts are departmental and 21 posts are outsourcing.
  • Out of 50 numbers of total staff 30 posts (23 departmental & 7 outsourcing) have been filled up and action is  being taken for filling the remaining posts.

Status of Phase I dams :

  • There are 12 WRD dams & 6 TANGEDCO dams are taken up under Phase-I   rehabilitation works of dam.
  • Rs. 333.79 Crore has been allotted in B.E. 2014-15 for the implementation of DRIP.
  • Works are under progress in the following 9 WRO dams.
  • Tender under process for 3 TANGEDCO dams out of 6 dams takenup for rehabilitation under phase I.


Name of the Dam






Rehabilitation works are under progress.


























 Status of other than Phase I dams- WRO- 62 dams and 1 Anicut

  • Hydrological review study for 56 dams have been prepared and sent for approval of competent authority in which 19 dams were approved by CWC and 31 dams were approved by Design Circle of WRD.
  • Hydrological Review study approval awaited for 3 dams from CWC and 3 dams from Design Circle.
  • DSRP visits completed for 55 dams.
  • Project Screening Template prepared for 17 dams and got approval from World Bank for 11 dams.
  • Shenbagathope and Shanmuganadhi dams are newly added in DRIP
  • Sedimentation study in 9 dams have been completed and in 1 dam it is under progress out of 10 dams takenup for the year 2013-14. Another 10 dams proposed to be taken up during the year 2014-15.

  Status of other than Phase I dams- TANGEDCO- 32 dams

  • Hydrological review study prepared for 23 dams and got approval from CWC  for 12  dams and from Design Circle for 9 dams..
  • Hydrological Review study approval awaited for 1 dam from CWC and 1 dam from Design Circle.
  • DSRP visits completed for 9 dams.
  • Project Screening Template  for 1 dam prepared and sent for approval of World Bank.

 Execution of Works under DRIP for the Phase I dams