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Develops policies, regulations and standards for operation of reservoirs and delivery systems, ensures safety of dams and other structures,develops standards for maintenance  facilities and ensures maximum possible participation of farmers in irrigation management.

The Chief Engineer, O & M is responsible to monitor the Operation and Maintenance activities of all Reservoirs in the state. The Safety & Health Status of the Dams and the follow-up action for ensuring the safety of all the Dams is the key function of the Chief Engineer O&M.  The P. W. Workshop and Stores, which looks after emergency repairs of Dam shutter is also under the control of Chief Engineer O&M.

The Chief Engineer O&M is assisted by one Joint Chief Engineer, with necessary supporting staff.

The following offices are functioning under the control of Chief Engineer, O&M.

  1. Dam Safety Directorate
  2. Workshop and Stores Circle
  3. P.W. Workshop and Stores Division
  4. State Project Management Unit for DRIP


• Overall incharge of all Irrigation systems in their Region,
• Develop goals and objectives for the basins in their respective region,establish priority of the works, adequate quality control measures,
• Maintenance of irrigation structures and appurtenances on priority basis,
• Implement adequate quality control measures in all works,

• Ensure sound environment, land acquisition and economic rehabilitation,
• Co-ordinate basin activities. Co-ordinate with farmers and farmers organisation in the implementation of new schemes.

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