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Chief Engineer, WRD, Plan Formulation,Chennai- 600 005.


  • The Plan Formulation Wing is responsible for formulation of new schemes by conducting necessary survey and  investigation.
  • Necessary designs for the components of the schemes   are being evolved based on the field data.
  • DPR is  being prepared based on the designs evolved.
  • This wing is also responsible for obtaining Government sanction for the prepared  DPR ,       identifying the source of funding.
  • Apart from this, the proposals such as rehabilitation works, ERM works  which are prepared by Regional  Chief Engineers are also being scrutinized in this office      and sent to Government for getting Administrative  Sanction.


 The preparation of DPR are being carried out in three  stages

Feasibility Report:

  • Initially feasibility report is prepared based on  reconnaissance survey & study of hydrology .
  • After due clearance of feasibility report, preliminary  reports are being prepared.

Preliminary Report:

  • The preliminary report is prepared based on surface level investigation  which involves levels taken at longer intervals.
  • Detailed Hydrology, Water balance, Water utilization, Ayacut benefits and Land acquisition are also incorporated in this preliminary report.
  • The Technical and Economic viability of the scheme are being analysed.
  •  After scrutiny and approval of this Preliminary Report, the detailed investigation is carried out for preparation of Detailed Project Report.

Detailed Project Report:

  • After approval of the preliminary report, the Detailed Project Report will be prepared based on detailed investigation such as levels at closer intervals, detailed sub soil investigation done by bore log operation,    geotechnical investigation etc.
  • Based on the detailed investigation, detailed designs for the various components of the scheme are evolved and the detailed project report is prepared .