Activities of Plan Formulation

Environmental activities:

  • Environmental and Social Impact Analysis study.  
  • Environmental awareness / Training Programme.
  • for School Students
  • for Farmers / Self Help Group (SHG)
  • Village level environmental and social data collection and expert analysis.
  • Formation of herbal garden.
  • Collection and testing of water and soil samples.
  • Motivating local bodies for solid waste management and sewage treatment through demonstration documentary film.
  • Exposure to field visit.
  • Environmental fair / exhibition.
  • Pilot study for solving environmental issues
  • Preparation of environmental atlas.

Soil Mechanics & Research  Division

  • The SM&R Division is functioning under the control of Superintending Engineer, PWD, WRD, Design Circle, Chennai-05
  • The following three Sub Divisions are functioning under the   control of SM&R Division
  1.  Test Sub Division
  2. Concrete Sub Division
  3.  Exhibition Sub Division
  •  Apart from this, five Research officers in the rank of Assistant Executive Engineers are   conducting  research studies in the field of Civil Engineering under this Division
  • During the year 2000 various labs such as Soil Lab, concrete Lab and Chemistry Lab were upgraded with modern and latest equipments and housed in new building at Tharamani in the name of "Central Quality Control Laboratory"
  • The Government of Tamilnadu designated SM&R Division Laboratories as one of the selective authorities to test the vigilance samples collected from various parts of Tamilnadu.

Test Sub Division

  • Soil laboratory at Tharamani functioning under Test Subdivision carries out tests on various types of soil samples
  • Tests carried out at Soil Laboratory  are
  1. Classification and Identification of Soil
  2. Grain Size Analysis
  3. Atterberg Limits - Liquid Limit, Plastic limit, Shrinkage Limit
  4. Compaction and Density Determination
  5. Shear Strength paramaters
  6. Consolidation and Swelling properties of Soil
  • Tests carried out at Field are
  1. Standard Penetration Test
  2. Static Cone Penetration Test
  3. Dynamic Cone Penetration Test
  4. Determination of density at the field by Core cutter method and Sand Replacement Method

Concrete Subdivision

  • Concrete laboratory at Tharamani functioning under Concrete Subdivision carries out tests on various building materials that are used in Construction.
  • Construction Materials tested in our Concrete Laboratory

        - Cement
        - Sand
        - Coarse Aggregate
        - Concrete
        - Bricks
        - Pressed Tiles, etc.

  •  Special works carried out :

             - Concrete Mix Design
             - Non-Destructive Testing of Concrete

Exhibition sub division

  • The Exhibition sub division is in charge of erection of our department Pavilion in the Government exhibition conducted by I&PR Department  & TTDC Ltd at  Chennai.
  • The exhibition play vital role in bringing out the activities done by the Government for the welfare of the public

Chemistry Laboratory

  • Chemistry Laboratory functioning under Research Subhead II and involves in

           - Water Quality Studies of Dams
           - Research activities on these fields viz. Civil Engineering Chemistry
           - Handling Chemical analysis of Vigilance and Anti-corruption     
             Department Samples & Other Department
           - Lime Leaching Studies of Dams for Dam Safety
           - Chemical Analysis on all building materials

List of Completed Research Activities

  • Study on Quality of common burnt clay bricks available in different areas in Taminadu.
  • Determination of Accelerated  Curing Compressive Strengt deviations in Graded Cement.
  • Resistance to Chlorine penetration Test for the partial replacement of metakaoline with cement.
  • Eradication of weed in contour canal of PAP.
  • Water Quality Survey of various Rivers of Tamilnadu.
  • Effect of soft water attack on Sholaiyar and Parambikulam Dams.
  • Effect of sulphate contaminated soil in and around Chennai.
  • Effect of bicarbonates on strength and durability of concrete.

Research Activities in Progress

The Research Officers in the rank of Assistant Executive Engineers working in this Division are mainly entrusted to carry out the research in the field of Civil Engineering which are as follows:-

  • Analysis of pore pressure measurements in Siddhamalli Dam & Ponnanaiyar dam
  • Analysis of chemical properties of manufactured sand (M-sand) from different locations.
  • Creation of database of soil properties and establishing correlations between soil properties.
  • Study on Experimenrtal Study on a Organic Phase Change Material ( PCM)
  • Study on Pore Pressure Measurement in Earthern Dam
  • Study on the Seepage pattern in Masonary Dams
  • Study  on Partial Replacement of Metakaolin in Concrete
  • Study on Application of Crushed Stone Fine Aggregate in Concrete
  • Role of Steel Reinforcement in the Construction of Seismic Resistant Structure
  • Study on Usage of   (Copper Slag ( Ferro Sand ) ) as fine Aggregate
  • Study on Shear Strength of Clay by using Poly Propylene  Fibres